Lawyer in Nederland, Texas

Law Office of Solomon Freimuth

Clients hire attorneys because they have a problem that they don’t know how to solve themselves.  Sometimes they need a lawyer to help collect money owed to them.  Maybe they need help with planning for their family’s future.  Possibly, they’ve had a run-in with the law.  They might even need help getting a family member papers to work or live in the United States.

Although each client has different legal needs, the one thing they all have in common is that they want a lawyer who will do his best to protect their rights.  Attorney Solomon Freimuth understands that, and will fight for the best interests of each client.

Solomon Freimuth serves the residents of Jefferson, Chambers, Orange, and Hardin Counties in Southeast Texas.  He can help solve your legal needs in the areas of general litigation, family, criminal, and immigration law.

Lawyer in Nederland, Texas

The Law Office of Solomon Freimuth is located in Nederland, Texas, halfway between Beaumont and Port Arthur, on Highway 69.

The Law Office of Solomon Freimuth is located at 2809 Highway 69 North, Nederland, Texas, in Jefferson County.

Contact The Law Office of Solomon Freimuth if you need a Texas lawyer that will fight for you.

Small Business Law

Are you thinking of starting a business?  Are you expanding your business?  Have questions about employees or customer contracts?  You have put blood, sweat, and tears into starting and running your business, so you need an attorney that understands business and the issues that businesses in Southeast Texas face.

Estate Planning

You work hard to provide for your family.  You’ve sacrificed and struggled to provide a life for your family that you can be proud of.  You need a lawyer that can help you make sure that your family is taken care of if anything happens to you.

 Immigration Law

Are you, or someone you love, living in the United States without the right paperwork?  Do you need help getting a visa for a loved one?  Do you own a business and need help getting immigrant workers?  You need an immigration lawyer that understands the immigration system.

Do you need a Texas lawyer that speaks Spanish?  Go to the Spanish site.

General Litigation

Does someone owe you money?  Were you hurt in an accident?  Are you being accused of causing injury to someone else?  If so, you need an attorney to help you enforce your rights.  You need an attorney who can look at your situation and help you get what you deserve.

Family Law

Sometimes, no matter how hard you’ve tried, couples split up.  When you find yourself at the end of your relationship and have no other choices, you need a caring attorney to help guide you through this rough period of your life.  You need someone who will make sure that you receive what what you deserve.

Criminal Law

People make mistakes and do things they regret.  Were you wrongfully accused of something you didn’t do?  If you have been accused of a crime then you need someone who will fight for your rights.  You need an attorney who understands that criminal charges not only affect your freedom, but your ability to drive a car, get a decent job, and provide for your family.

General Practice

Do you have a legal question or issue that isn’t mentioned here?  Do you want to schedule an appointment with Solomon Freimuth to talk about your situation?  You need an advocate who cares about protecting your rights.  You need an attorney who will fight for what you deserve.

Contact The Law Office of Solomon Freimuth if you need a Texas lawyer that will fight for you.

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